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Derek Frank - Eleven Years Later

Derek Frank - Let The Games Begin 

The Dirty Diamond - From the Stars

Mindi Abair & The Boneshakers - The East West Sessions

Mindi Abair & The Boneshakers - Live in Seattle

Jonatha Brooke - Steady Pull 

Juan Gabriel - Los Duo

Juan Gabriel - Los Duo 2

Cristian Castro - Mi Tributo a Juan Gabriel

Enrique Guzman - Se Habla Español

Tomasina - Side One


Upper Structure - 6x5 

Jeff Golub - Train Keeps a Rolling 

Matt Alber - Wind Sand Stars 


The August Empire - Before the Hereafter 

Matt Alber - Constant Crows 

Bridgette Bryant - Soulmate Collection 


Elle Carpenter - With Open Hands 

Beca Perfecto - Calendario de la Espera 

Nathan Leigh Jones - Sooner or Later 

Mark Lyon - Uvalde Blues


The Crosson Brothers - Lights Out 

Mark Ballas - Waiting For Patience 

Tucker Jameson and the Hot Mugs - Does it Make You Feel Good? 

Katisse - Lyrical Worker 

Papalee - Soulvival 

Jay Matsueda - Treat Love Kind 

Zoux - Crush of Love 

Kate Higgins - Little Parts 

Cassie Davis - Differently 

David Forest - Dreams That Aren't Mine 

Elle - The Best (2009)

James McKenna - I Am 

Greg Poree - Inventions 

Ziv- Paper and Sound

Brian Matthew - Now Is Good 

Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - Live at the Baked Potato 

Melissa Fahn - Avignon 

Sabrina - Angels Watching 

Sam Jaffe - Something to Fall Back On 

Kate Higgins - Bigger Than Love 


Nadine Zahr - Underneath the Everyday 

Gretchen Lieberum - Brand New Morning 

A Band Called Moses 


Paul Goldberg - Whim of the Current 

Larry Williams' LAQT - Arising 

Kim Erin - Flyaway 

Kevin Batchelder - Sun Engine 

Joe Escriba and the Carnival All-Star Orchestra - Funky as Charged 

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