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Prices can vary from project to project, depending on what is needed, and I do offer discounts for multiple-song projects. In most cases, once the initial contact form is filled out, we'll discuss via email or phone exactly what your needs are for the project in question. The ultimate goal here is your satisfaction — so, of course, pricing does include multiple takes, plus a couple revisions/ changes/ fixes within reason.

The process generally goes a lot smoother if you can be very specific about what you want (i.e. "I want this to be really simple", "Put a few fills in on this section", "Think James Jamerson on this one", etc.). But please do keep in mind, this is an experienced professional bass player you're hiring, with solid musical instincts.



 $200 USD per song.

(3 takes)


We'll send you two tracks, with two separate signals: one recorded direct, one recorded from a mic'd amplifier: 

$250 USD per song

(3 takes)


Once you're ready to go, a 50% deposit is required prior to the start of the session, and the remaining 50% upon final approval. Payment must be submitted via Paypal to: or Venmo @derekfrankbass.


Once the 50% deposit is received, the session can begin! When finished, we'll send you preview MP3s to check out, and when the final tracks are done, we'll provide a link to download the full resolution files. It's as simple as that! Sessions can also be conducted in real-time via video-chat. If you prefer to do a session in real time, just let us know and we can discuss the specifics.

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